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>> 余剰電力(ネガワット)を通した電力需要への対応
Wednesday 23 April 2014
>> Fewer Megawatts: More Negawatts
Wednesday 23 April 2014
We live in an electrified age where it seems that we need electricity for every activity in our daily lives and in work. A plentiful supply of electricity is seen as essential in order to allow the economy to continue to grow. This requires more and
>> ヨーロッパの天然ガス商用車市場は、高い成長可能性を有しています
Wednesday 23 April 2014
>> Europe as Strong Market for Natural Gas Vehicles
Wednesday 23 April 2014
It seems hard to say which fuel source will be the future for automobiles. Yet, it is said that natural gas will play a growing role as it has already been proven a useful alternative fuel for large vehicles and is attractive for locations where petr
>> 航空宇宙産業における品質・リスク管理
Tuesday 22 April 2014
>> Quality/Risk Management for the Aerospace Sector
Tuesday 22 April 2014
Air traffic incidents and accidents have gone up as air travel demand has increased. However, air travel is still considered the safest mode of transportation. Factors such as pilots, weather conditions, and the quality of the manufactured parts, com
>> 金属加工業における省エネ
Tuesday 22 April 2014
>> Metalworking Energy Efficiency
Tuesday 22 April 2014
Saving energy in the metal processing industry is not just a question of protecting the environment. For years, energy consumption has been a decisive cost factor – capable of surpassing even the investment costs of the machine over the long-term. Th
>> European Automakers Target Thailand
Monday 21 April 2014
Japan has long been one of the largest investors in Thailand, especially in the Thai automotive industry, where Japanese automakers have created a significant automotive cluster and comprehensive supply chain. However, major European automakers, espe
>> ヨーロッパの自動車メーカー、タイへの進出を目指す
Monday 21 April 2014

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