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>> MTA2015、アジアの精密工学産業の発展を後押し
Tuesday 10 February 2015
>> MTA2015
Tuesday 10 February 2015
MTA2015, Asia’s premier precision engineering industry event, will return from 14 to 17 April this year at the Singapore Expo. With its hallmark showcase of high-value manufacturing capabilities, MTA2015 will highlight manufacturing excellence in ind
>> 東南アジアの金属加工業、メタレックス2014に集う
Tuesday 10 February 2015
>> Metalex 2015
Tuesday 10 February 2015
Southeast Asia is unique in the way that each country in the region possesses unique industrial strength. Automotive and auto parts industries are significantly developed in Thailand, while Singapore has served as the regional aerospace hub. Vietnam
>> インドネシアの工業部門は、今後の成長へ大きな可能性を秘めています
Tuesday 10 February 2015
>> Indonesian Industrial Sector
Tuesday 10 February 2015
Southeast Asia is home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies, with the Asean nations, according to International Monetary Fund (IMF), witnessing a collective average GDP growth of 5.18% in 2013. Among them, Indonesia has been one of those
>> 地熱エネルギー
Monday 09 February 2015
>> Geothermal Energy
Monday 09 February 2015
Geothermal energy is a renewable energy that utilizes the heat from the earth. It is a clean and sustainable energy source, and limitless in its supply as the earth is full of thermal energy at its core. As human’s reliance on fossil fuels for energy
>> 大メコン圏におけるシームレスな連結、タイ経済の発展を後押し
Monday 09 February 2015
>> Seamless Connections Through the GMS
Monday 09 February 2015
Thailand’s geographical position has always been an advantage for the country in many ways, especially in terms of trade. The trade and cooperation between The Greater Mekong Sub-region countries has always been considered as highly successful, impro

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